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Concordia Sunday
 Celebrate Concordia - packet
Packet includes all of the following: Litany of Thanksgiving, prayers for Concordia Sunday, suggested hymns, brief announcements for worship folders and newsletters, talking Points for a sermon and children's sermon.

 Teach us Your Ways - bulletin insert
Information about CUS and For the Sake of the Church endowment campaign, with a gift envelope.

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CUS in General
A book providing an overview of the programs, sports, and extracurricular activities at each of the ten colleges and universities of the Concordia University System.

 Map of the Concordia University System
A small poster showing the locations of the institutions.

 Concordia Chronicle
A newspaper publication of the CUS.

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Lutheran Higher Education
 Lutheran University Advantage
A brochure outlining the advantages of a Lutheran higher education experience, based on professional research.

 Lutheran University Difference
A brochure explaining the integration of faith in the learning process.

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Ministry Vocations
 Prepare for a Church Work Vocation
Description of LCMS ministry vocations.

 A Noble Work
Ideas for establishing a called minister recruitment committee.

 Recruitment for Church Work Careers
Ideas for churches to recruit and promote future workers.

 CUEnet Colloquy Brochure
Online Teacher Colloquy program to be LCMS roster certified.

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For the Sake of the Church
 What Is For the Sake of the Church?
A brochure providing information on the FTSOTC endowment fund.

 For the Sake of the Church Gift Envelopes
Can be used as a bulletin insert.

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