Request a Commissioned Minister Candidate

This site is only for candidates at our universities who will be called by congregations and schools of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. 

To call ministers currently in service or pastoral candidates please contact your district office.

Please include only one position in each request.  If you have more than one position to post, after the confirmation page
appears just click the Back button on your browser and the information you submitted will still be there.

In some instances an error message may be generated when your request is submitted. If this should happen, please DO NOT
resubmit the request prior to checking to see if it was received. In most instances it will have been received; and a resubmitted
request will produce duplicates in the system. Email Paul at the address below if you need to verify a submission.

For assistance contact Paul at

Make sure you watch the characters left to not exceed the field size, preventing the submission of your information. Thank you.

Requesting Organization 
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Calling Entity Address  
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Position Information 
Churchworker Position      Required
(If Teacher) Grade
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(If Teacher) Classroom Type
(If Teacher) Subjects
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(If Teacher) Student Level
Primary Responsibilities You may list the most important duties, or copy and paste the list of duties from another document.
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Send To 
LCMS District      
Send request to: Note:  You may send to as many institutions as you wish. At least one is REQUIRED.
Ann Arbor   Luth Teacher, Dir Family Life Min
Austin  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education
Bronxville  Luth Teacher, Dir Family Life Min
Irvine  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education, Dir Parish Music
Mequon  Luth Teacher, Dir Family Life Min, Dir Parish Music, Lay Ministry
Portland  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education
River Forest  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education, Dir Parish Music, Deaconess 
Selma  Luth Teacher
St Paul  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education, Dir Chr Outreach, Dir Parish Music
Seward  Luth Teacher, Dir Chr Education, Dir Parish Music
Fort Wayne seminary  Deaconess
St Louis seminary  Deaconess
Employment Data 
Start Date
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Call Type
Full or PartTime
Months Annual Service
Gross Cash Salary   e.g., $37,600 
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Contribution to Social Security       Required
Additional Housing Allowance
Health Insurance Covers
Health Insurance Plan
If "Other" plan, provide the name   e.g., Widget HMO
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Additional Information 
on any item above
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